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We provide the MPF industry with a range of products and services enabling schemes to raise the quality of their performance, aid their transparency and enhance their governance and compliance standards. We help employers provide their duty of care in scheme selection for their employees and we engage MPF members and investors with objective education, insights and easy to understand performance measurement tools.

Through MPF Ratings, MPF schemes, trustees, fund managers and employers are all able to drive better outcomes for MPF members and investors and enhance the level of retirement savings in Hong Kong.

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The MPF Ratings products and services enable our customers and industry participants to:

  • Learn about the latest industry trends with regular insights and commentary.
  • Understand the key industry and market dynamics that impact on scheme performance
  • Compare schemes across a range of quantitative and qualitative factors

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Latest Media Releases

DIS Funds become MPF’s most popular investment as members shun Chinese equities

6 February 2020 MPF members are seeking to minimize risks says leading MPF research analyst. MPF Ratings, an independent provider of MPF research, today released its December quarter MPF Fund Flow and Market Share Report (FMS), by highlighting the MPFA’s much vaunted DIS Core Accumulation Fund had become the MPF industry’s most popular investment by net …

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AIA awarded 2020 best TVC provider

24 January 2020 AIA awarded best TVC provider by leading MPF research group MPF assets close to $1 trillion MPF Ratings, a leading independent Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) research group today announced AIA as MPF’s Best Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC) Provider. Together with other MPF luminaries, AIA’s success will be celebrated at the 2020 edition of …

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