About MPF Ratings

• MPF Ratings was launched in 2010 in readiness for the introduction of MPF Employee Choice Arrangements.

• MPF Ratings is independent. The firm reviews, analyses and rates the quality and performance of Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes.

• The objective of MPF Ratings is to raise the standards of MPF scheme performance, transparency and quality, and the governance and compliance standards of scheme providers, by providing unbiased assessment of all key features of a scheme offering.

• MPF Ratings provides products and services back to MPF scheme providers (B2B) but also enables consumers to identify the best value for money schemes and better performing funds and service providers through the publication of MPF Ratings logos and awards.

• MPF Ratings is professional, serious and communicates mainly through the interpretation of data driven outcomes. What sets MPF Ratings apart from competitors is its independence and willingness to publically take a position or view on the quality of market participants and/or industry initiatives.

• MPF Ratings is a market leader and the Hong Kong voice of pro MPF and supports the maximisation of the population’s retirement savings.